World Consumer Rights Day Quiz

World Consumer Rights Day Quiz | Chance to win Rs: 30000

World Consumer Rights Day Quiz
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Chance to win Rs: 30000

Q1. When is the World Consumer Rights Day observed?

  • March 10
  • March 15
  • March 18
  • March 20

Q2. World Consumer Rights Day was inspired by?

  • Bill Clinton
  • John F Kennedy
  • George Washington
  • John Adams

Q3. What is refer to legal and moral duties of protection owed to a purchaser of goods or services by the supplier?

  • Responsibilities of Consumer
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Consumer Rights
  • Consumer Education

Q4. What is right to express consumer interests in the making of government policies?

  • Right to Safety
  • Right to Information
  • Right to a Healthy Environment
  • Right to Representation

Q5. What is the significance of World Consumer Rights Day?

  • Opportunity to promote the basic rights of all consumers
  • Demand those rights that must be respected and protected
  • Protesting against the market abuses
  • All of these

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