You are currently viewing TCL TV Quiz – TCL is a Global Top __ TV brand

TCL TV Quiz – TCL is a Global Top __ TV brand

TCL TV Quiz – TCL is a Global Top __ TV brand – Amazon Quiz Answers in Crazy Chaska

TCL TV Quiz – TCL is a Global Top __ TV brand– You can win amazing rewards every day by playing the quiz. Every day after 12 o’clock, only and only on Crazy Chaska, win a amazing prize by giving correct answers to Amazon Quiz Contest. To Participate On Daily Latest Quiz Click The Bell Icon Below And Click On The Allow Button To Get Updates Of Daily Upcoming Amazon Quiz Contest. Amazon Quiz Answers

How to play Amazon Quiz Contest

  1. Download Amazon App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store.
  2. Open & Sign In To The Amazon App.
  3. Go To Home Page click Menu bar –> Programs and Features –> FunZon and scroll down and see Quiz Contest.
  4. Now Just Tap On Start Tab To Play The Quiz

There are a total of 20 Prize(s) that will be given under this Contest. The Prize will be delivered to the winner on or before 28th September 2021

After we confirm the winner/s, we will contact the winners individually through email/SMS. We will also post the winners names on this page by 28th July 2021

Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Contest Details – TCL TV Quiz – TCL is a Global Top __ TV brand

Quiz Name: TCL TV Quiz
Questions No : 5
Chance to win ₹10,000

Note: Green Box is Correct Answer and Red box is wrong Answer

1/ 5

Q1: TCL is a Global Top __ TV brand

  • 2
  • 1
  • 3
  • 4

2 / 5

Q2: Which layer is present above the Mini LED backlight layer?

  • Color Dots
  • LCD Dots
  • LED Dots
  • Quantum Dots

3 / 5

Q3: With the Mini LED technology, _ can be achieved

  • Better graphics processing
  • Super screen brightness
  • Amazing sound experience
  • None of the above

4 / 5

Q4: Name the TCL 2021 TV model which features Mini LED technology

  • P725
  • C815
  • C825
  • P615

5 / 5

Q5: What are the other high End QLED series being offered by TCL?

  • C725
  • C715
  • C815
  • All of the above

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